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Tasslock GPS Tracker (Bike) v.01

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#Tasslock GPS Tracker . 

Never Lost your Motorbike 

Looking for the Motorbike after stolen ??? What if, a thief cannot steal your vehicle. No monthly fees. 


You can lock and unlock your motorbike from anywhere in the world, with or without internet connection. 

     Motorcycle cannot be started with original key, shoulder broken bypass or even disconnected the battery line.

* Even if you remove TASS GPS from your motorcycle, still the bike cannot be started.

* After park the Motorbike, Engine Will Lock automatically.

Record Save. Throughout the day, everything will be recorded and you will be able to know where your bike has gone and

    how many times it has stopped and how long it has stopped.

* All in One. You can view your numerous bikes at the same time from the same application or computer.

Lock from everywhere. Bikes can be locked or unlocked in the underground of any market or building. Bikes can be              locked even where there is no mobile network.

* Speed. If someone you know takes your bike, you can see its speed and location live.

* Geo-Fence. If your driver, child or someone with your bike goes somewhere outside the destination, you will know                   immediately. This is called Geo Fence.

* No fees. There is no additional monthly or annual charge on TASS GPS.

* Distance Lock.  If you are caught by a robber and take away everything you have, even with all your mobile phones, bike       keys, remote sensors and bikes, you can still track the car's location and turn off the bike's engine.

Notify. If you try to steal a bike from anywhere in the world, you will receive notifications, calls and alarms, which are                  completely free.

* Anti Cut.  If you open the battery line of your bike or open the TASS GPS, the call will come to your mobile. The call will           ven go to 5 members of your family.

* Anti Accident.  When you lock the bike from the mobile, the speed of the bike will first decrease to 20 km and then the              engine will be completely locked. This is because an accident can occur if the engine suddenly shuts down.




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