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Tasslock Defender LED: 


  • Tasslock Defender LED = LED Remote, Digital Display, Automatic Immobilizer, Mute, Vibration, Automatic Lock & Unlock, No battery consumption, Indicator Sound, Remote silent, 500 +- meters Range, PKE, APL and many more features. Motorola Circuit inside.




Tasslock Defender LED edition is excellent model security system for motorcycle with Automatic Immobilizing system sensor.



  • Automatic Sensing mode always active in this Remote lock module. Touch to start the bike…
  • PKE, RFID Combo & Automatic immobilizer
  • Hands-free smart remote, just walk up and ride with RFID technology
Automatic Ignition on when you PRESS REMOTE, turn off engine with lock when you leave bike alone. No need to press anything. Yes it’s Magic. 

If your bypass the bike key cable or if you break everything still you cannot start the motorbike. Master Key and Original key cannot start the motorbike. In case of robbery or hijack just get down from bike and ran away, Bike will automatically locked and 125db sound will alarm. Even if someone try to carry your bike into a Van or truck your remote will alarm and vibrate, also bike will siren loudly. If You cut all wires and disconnect the Tasslock from motorbike, still cannot start.

Fall in love with our NEW features


* LED Display

* TPMS Sensor (Addon)

* Digital Animation

* Network, battery voltage checker

* Remote Silent

* Integrated immobilizer chip

* Remote Silent Mode

* Hazard Light Blinker

* Hongkong Relay – 20 Amp

* Passive Keyless Entry Faster

* New Design interface

* ABS Plastic

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