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Tasslock Navigator

Tasslock Navigator is a new technology GPS tracker with 4G connectivity. Which enables users to track anything, anytime and from anywhere.

Live Tracking

Tasslock Navigator offers live tracking of your vehicle from anywhere in the world. It can be used widely in Car, Motorcycles, Trucks, Buses, Heavy moving machineries, water crafts and so on.

Voice Monitoring

World’s first GPS tracker with inbuilt microphone. Users can hear anything going on inside the vehicle.

Engine cut off via app or SMS

Tasslock Navigator  offers a wide range of compatibility. It enables users to turn off the vehicle via mobile app (Over the internet), via online portal (Over the internet). In case of no internet connectivity users can turn off or control the vehicle via SMS as well.

Offline Command

Tasslock Navigator supports offline command. Incase of unavailability of internet connection or smartphone users can send commands via SMS and control the vehicle.


Users will get alert if the vehicle moves out or moves into any selected area. This selected area can be selected by the user as per convenience.

User Interface

Tasslock Navigator can be operated through Mobile app and web panel. Mobile app available in Google play store and also for iOS devices.

Detailed and precise location

Tasslock Navigator offers high location accuracy. With a minimum tolerance limit.

Data Server

All vehicle movement records will be saved on the server for 60 days. Users can access and download these records anytime by one click.

Automatic Arming

Tasslock Navigator armed automatically within 3 minutes the user turns off the car key. Once the device is armed it will generate a phone call and app alert if anyone tries to steal the vehicle.

Tasslock offers a one year limited warranty. And lifetime free service with unlimited device validity. We have Helpline support, On call support depending on severity of incident. For a special and dedicated support team contact us.



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